Tales of Arise has been delayed by Bandai Namco!

Tales of Arise

Delay of Tales of Arise has been announced by Bandai Namco. The latest instalment in the Tales of RPG game series got delayed. Tales of Arise will no more arrive this year. The new release window is however, still to be confirmed.


The game was announced last year where it was said that the game will be arriving this year. The title was under development even before the announcement of the Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.


The reason behind the delay of the Tales of Arise was not explained properly.

Here is the announcement trailer of Tales of Arise:

The above news was revealed by the producer Yusuke Tomizawa in an update. In the update he explained that the delay is because of having to adapt to the pandemic of coronavirus. They say that the team will require more time for the development of the game. Tales of Arise is the latest in a long line of the tales of Bandai Namco of JRPG.

The announcement of the delay was made on Bandai Namco site.

However, the development of the game is currently going on strongly. Therefore, the main reason remains that it took time for the developers to adjust to the situation of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Tales of Arise is the 19th sequel in the series which was supposed to roll out this year. If the game would have come this year, then it would have coincided with the 25th anniversary of the first sequel in the series, Tales of Phantasia.

Currently, the Steam summer sale is happening. If you want to know more about the Tales of Arise, then stay tuned to us!

Tales of Arise will arrive in the year 2021. The game will be playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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