Taskmaster: Black Widow’s villain explained


The Black Widow movie is doing great. But, this movie is not just about the super spy, it is also about Taskmaster, the new villain joining the MCU. But, it seems that people do not know much about this new villain. Moreover, people have been wondering how does he possess the skills to go against Natasha Romanov. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about this new villain in the MCU.


Taskmaster: Who is he?

Firstly, we have to clarify that he is a mercenary in the MCU. He is one of the best at it. Something that the fans need to realise is that he can mimic the fighting style of anyone he studies. Therefore, if he sees a person who is good at fighting, then he log that into his memory and copy it into a fight.


We know for a fact this is some mad skill that this fighter is showing. Now, he did not have much of a life in crime. Some people might also say that he is not a bad guy at all. His only problem is that he teaches fighting to any other person. He has no moral boundaries to whom he can teach some of this stuff. Therefore, he lends to skill to anyone as long as they are paying money for it.

Taskmaster: Origin

We can his first appearance in the 195th issue of the Avengers. We can see that he is easily able to fight superheroes such as Captain America and Iron Man. Since then he has appeared in a countless number of stories. He is always depicted in a villainous light but sometimes he is also depicted as an anti-hero.

Every story so far establishes one important thing about him: He only cares about getting paid, the SHIELD, US government, it does not matter to him.