Tenet: John David Washington looking ahead to the next installment

Tenet, The Christopher Nolan’s movie has been the one of the greatest movie amidst the corona virus which had made a huge box office collection even in the pandemic, It had build handsome number of audience in U.S and had almost $36 million collection.


But in the middle of all this, the leading hero of the movie John David Washington got some news related to its sequel part, Let’s see below what are the possibilities for its sequel movie of Tenet.


Tenet 2: What’s David Has To Say For The Sequel Of the Movie.

The famous lead actor for the movie named John David Washington had spoken about the sequel part of the movie. He is looking forward for another installment for the Christopher Nolan’s action and thrilling movie Tenet.

David Washington, stated that he is all set for being starred for more same huge budget spy action movies. He further stated that, Tenet had a right ending to be set up perfectly for another sequel part.


Christopher Nolan And Warner Bros On Tenet 2:

The makers, The Christopher Nolan as well as the Warner Bros hadn’t updated us and hinted us with a Tenet 2 or a sequel part for the movie till yet.
The only information we got about it was from the lead actor David.

More About Tenet Movie:

In the movie Tenet it was shown at first that The lead hero, Washington had Robert Pattinson with him in supporting role for having an assistance in the mission of preventing the world form World War III.

But after the release of the movie we got to see something different that both the characters were knowing each other from past years and had time traveled. And It was none other than the lead hero who had hired Neil for the spy mission instead of being hired for the mission, and may be the ending and the explanation of the movie may leave some chances to be open for “Tenet 2” to discover various adventures of the Neil or the protagonist, the CIA agent.


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