The 100 season 8- will Clarke and Bellamy stay together in love ? Tap to know release cast plot and all the details

The 100 season 8 – At the point when she transformed into a leader season 7 of The 100 made Raven Know about her moral side. Raven is probably the most keen critics of Clarke.


Six seasons have been done by the 100. Season 7 is in its series is called’ Nakara’. Season 7 of the”The 100″ was declared as the last season of this show! The show’s story is coming to a conclusion it obvious so there isn’t any expectation for its season.


Watchers are keen to watch the eighth season of the show. But the question is, will there be a Season 8 of the 100??

“The 100” Season 8- Any Release Date ?

Season 7 of the show is streaming on The CW network and debuted on May 20. Since the director, Jason Rothenberg announced its seventh season we aren’t sure in the event that he has The 100 Season 8 in his mind or not.

In an interview, Jason said that he needs the past season to end with an upbeat end. There are things to be referenced in the past season. The ending will be the lesson of this story that we will uncover in season 7, and it will contrast.

The 100 season 8

Showrunner Jason previously wanted to end his science fiction appear. But, this doesn’t imply that there isn’t any chance. Ideally, everything is reliant upon how the season completes, which will set up this current show’s future.

“The 100”: Cast from Season 1 to 7

The cast of The 100 through all these seasons have been Marie Avegeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes, Shannon Kook as Jordan Green, Weave Morley as Bellamy Blake, Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin and Alaina Huffman as Nikki.

Is it Cancelled and Why? : “The 100” Season 8 

In light of its Poor Viewership, the Series is Wrapping up. Till Season 6, The Series was very generally welcomed by the crowd. In view of some absence of the star cast, the viewership check was diminishing which lead to the crossing out of Season 8. Well known Star Cast Bellamy (Bob Morley) On-Screen time has been diminished since Season 6, which lead to the Poor rating of Series. Bellamy was the Main lead For 6 Years. Presently, The 100 is chosen to proceed without Bellamy. Bellamy was the Popular Character in the Series. The crowd very generally welcomed the Character. All Sci-Fi cherished its Portrayal. The Show was recorded as one of the Least Viewed appear on the CW Network.


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