The Amazing Race: Coming back after COVID

The Amazing Race

It has been announced that The Amazing Race will be back to CBS this season. Therefore, fans of the show are excited for the same. Hence, in this article, let us try to find out when the show is going to air and why did it go off the air.


The Amazing Race was about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But, the production of the show was hit by COVID. Hence, it could not be produced. As we have written before, several shows and films have been delayed due to the crisis caused by COVID.


Thom Sherman, who is the Vice President of CBS said the return of the show is on the charts. He revealed this during the virtual tour of the network on TCA. It is understood that the show is currently in pre-production.

The Amazing Race: 33rd Season

As most people know that the 32nd season of the show had aired back in October of 2020. This is because the 32nd season was shot before the pandemic. But, the production of the 33rd season had to be stopped in Feb 2020 because of the pandemic. It is further revealed that only 3 episodes of the show have been shot.

The team behind the show, from the creators, producers to the host have revealed that the team is getting anxious to get back on the set. They are also aware that the fans of the show are pleading to the show to air.

Deadline conducted a interview back in April wherein they said that – “We just need to get that mass vaccination happening. Safety is key, you don’t want to do a show and have people get sick. That’s our priority.”.

Therefore, it has been confirmed that the show is coming back. As soon as the release date is announced, we will be writing about the same.