‘The Art Of Asking Everything’ Podcast by Amanda Palmer launching soon

The Art Of Asking Everything

The musician, author and TED talker, Amanda Palmer is releasing her new podcast which will feature a variety of guests. Emphasizing on the big stuff, the host will talk about issues which are often ignored.


The podcast will be worth listening and will be hopefully available on spotify as well. To know more details about the TED talker, you can check her official page.



The art of telling everything, podcast will launch in this month only, September on the twenty ninth.

The podcast series is weekly and a new addition will be there every Tuesday.


Amanda Palmer said that the best part about her podcast is that there will be no paid ads in it. There will also be no branding as the series is promoted by the production company.

The podcast will not only focus on the big matters and serious stuff, it will also have music and various tangents. The host will also not be answerable to any boss.

Amanda Palmer


The podcast will have guests from various different backgrounds and ethnicity. They range from singer, comedian to a sex worker and author.

In the list of guests, first is the Scottish forty five year old singer, KT Tunstall. Tim Minchin a forty four year old comedian from Australia will also be the special guest in Palmer’s podcast.

Apart from them the English comedian, Lenny Henry will also appear. He is a sixty two year old who can do a lot of work. The thirty nine year old American musician, Laura Jane Grace and author Susan Crain will also appear.

You can see the official video that Amanda Palmer has released on YouTube. During the lockdown, all of us need something to motivate us. These experienced guests will share their experiences on the podcast. Palmer has conducted podcast earlier too.


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