The Batman: Former Batman Christian Bale gave some good advice to Robert Pattinson

Christian Bale

The star of The Batman, Robert Pattinson, takes the advice of ex batman Christian Bale to take over the role. 

The director of Batman Matt Reeves has announced that Christian Bale has given some very clear advice to new Batman Robert Pattinson to take on the role.


Bale, who was playing Batman in the film trilogy by Christopher Nolan, had given Pattinson advice on how to use the toilet while filming. After a fan asked how much feedback the actors had on their costumes, Reeves revealed this to the Batman DC fandom group.


Reeves said: “Rob spoke to Christian Bale, and Christian Bale was like, ‘just make sure you can be relieved.'” The director would follow up by saying that Pattinson needed to be able to “put it on” in the suit and that he still wanted to “act like a human being.”

Ben Affleck, who was the first post-Dark Knight Rises from Batman, stated that Christian Bale was asking him to make sure the suit had a zipper as he had to go through three Batman movies without a zip.

 Robert Pattinson

Next year, the Batman is expected to appear in US cinemas. Its original release date of 25 June was changed due to coronavirus related delays. Affleck was initially expected to take up the part he had played in the 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League of 2017.

A brand-new trailer released this month gave viewers a first look at the film, with just 25 percent of the film shot allegedly. Currently shooting of Batman has been put to a pause as Robert Pattison has tested positive for coronavirus. We wish him a speedy recovery.

In October 2021, the Batman will hit theatres.

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