The Boys’ Homelander Actor Antony Starr Wants to Play Wolverine In MCU

Actor Antony Starr: The lead actor of Amazon Prime’s hit series – The Boys, Antony Starr has expressed how he is super interested in playing Wolverine for any upcoming Marvel films. Starr is currently working in Amazon Prime’s The Boyswhich puts a dark, off-track spin on the classic superhero films. In the series, Starr plays Homelander, a superhero also referred to as “super,” on the show, who’s been described as a sociopathic version of Superman.



Starr’s passion for playing superhero characters drew him towards his interest Wolverine, an iconic Marvel character known for his X-Men storylines and adamantium claws. Hugh Jackman played the character of Wolverine in all previous Marvel movies. His performance in Logan was appreciated by everyone, and critics found their own ways to criticize. Although the X-Men world has historically been differentiated from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox signaled the arrival of mutants into the MCU. As a result, we will witness Wolverine once again on screens, in future films, with the role now on a verge to be grabbed by interested stars.


Antony Starr


In spite of his “different focus”, he stays determined and committed to his ongoing project and his character of Homelander. In the same interview, he revealed that he would “be tempted” to play Wolverine, he also mentioned that “whatever comes, comes.” He also exclaims how grateful he is, to be a part of The Boys season 3.

On the release of the second season of The Boys, he says that he hopes the viewers enjoy this season just as they enjoyed the previous season. Although his interest lies in a different character of the MCU word, he has a different level of attachment to his hit show. So even if he loses his chance on the Wolverine role, his works will continue to have a good fan following because of his current works on the Amazon’s original series.

So we will have to wait to know the fate of the actor!

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