The business of Drugs- What is the cast? What will be the series about?

The business of Drugs: This Netflix Original upcoming documentary is simply just around the corner. So, immediately let’s penetrate into the details!


Here comes news about the upcoming documentary hitting on the streaming platform of Netflix. The documentary is “The Business of Drugs”. It revolves around a girl Amaryllis Fox, CIA analyst.


The film is predicated around a brand new drug that offers those that take it a unique superpower (invisibility, super strength, bullet-proof skin, etc.). Although it also proves to be deadly for a few. Foxx plays a former soldier resolute stopping those spreading the ability pills, partially to avoid wasting part to save his daughter. Who was kidnapped by the kingpins because she seems to understand something about the drug’s formula?

The Business of Drugs: Expected Plot-

The upcoming Netflix Original documentary mainly revolves around a lady named Amaryllis Fox. This person has the profession of CIA analyst and. She or he discovers the big network of medicines.

Fox is set to grasp why people are driven to sell drugs despite the risks. She investigates six illicit substances. This includes cocaine, heroin, synthetics, meth, cannabis, and opioids.

Amaryllis Fox becomes one amongst the youngest CIA officers just at the age of twenty-two years. During the investigation of this massive network, there are many dangers she must face. The danger is also added to her life. It might be exciting to determine how she saves herself and continue her investigation. For to see the upcoming adventures in Amaryllis Fox’s life, watch the upcoming documentary on Netflix.

The business of Drugs: Expected Release Date-

The documentary will be released on Netflix on July 14, 2020. The date was previously announced in July according to the Calendar of Netflix. And As of the cast, the main lead will be done by Amaryllis Fox.

 About The Trailer:

Netflix has released the trailer of the upcoming season. Only a couple of days are left for the expected release of this documentary. So, the trailer of The Business of Drugs is out, and you can see that on Netflix.

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