The Christmas Setup: Ben Lewis and Blake Lee to star in Lifetime’s upcoming gay romance Christmas film

The Christmas Setup, a holiday-themed movie will star a married gay couple in the lead roles. It will be the first-holiday movie starring homosexual in the main roles for the Lifetime network. Other cast members who will be seen in the movie are Fran Dascher, and Ellen Wong.


The movie has been appreciated for its cast and will release soon, although no date has been confirmed as of yet. A sugar and spice holiday will also release at the same time. As it is a Christmas movie, the network may stream it during that time only but it can be delayed too.

With six executive producers and a Pit Mill directed movie, nothing can go wrong. The holiday movie slot has been covered with these movies and they will start airing from twenty third October till all throughout Christmas!

christmas Setup


The holiday movie’s story line will revolve around a lawyer Hugo who works in New York. When he will goes Milwaukee with his best friend Madelyn so that he can holidays with his mom Kate, who is also in charge of the local Christmas celebrations.Hugo’s mom Kate whose only wish is to see his son married. For this she sets an arrangement so that her son and Patrick meet. Hugo has liked Patrick since the high school. And as he has only recently come back to Milwaukee from Silicon Valley this is the best chance for the two to meet. While all of them are enjoying Christmas, we will see a spark ignite among Hugo and Patrick and Kate feels happy about her match making skills. The twist happens when the New York Lawyer receives a promotion and is asked to move to London. This will be a dilemma for Hugo as he will have to choose between the job and his long crush.


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