The Circle Renewed for Season 2 And Season 3!! Tap To Know The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And The Latest Updates

The Circle is a reality competition series airing on Netflix and produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group. The first season aired started airing from January 1, 2020, and concluded on January 15, 2020.


Now, The Circle season 2 is coming on Netflix to give us more drama, catfishing, and heartwarming friendships between the cast members. Fans of the hit show are already hyped up to watch yet another season.


So here’s everything we know so far about The Circle Season 2, including the release date, cast, plot, and the latest updates.

The Circle Season 2 – Release Date

On March 24, 2020, Netflix renewed The Circle not only for the second season but the third season as well. This announcement was pretty obvious as the show has been a massive hit and has dominated social media conversation since it’s launch.

But as of now, we don’t have any details as to when The Circle Season 2 would release. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down film and television production will cause delays. So we cannot expect to see the second season until 2021.

The circle season 2

The Circle Season 2 – Cast

On the same day, the show got renewed, casting for season two also opened. However, as of now, the cast list hasn’t been revealed yet.

The show’s executive producers have although told what kind of people they are looking for. The cast members who’ll be chosen will be from lots of different backgrounds.

Around 20-25 people are cleared to play in The Circle. But initially, the show starts with eight cast members. Then after someone gets blocked or voted out, new contestants join the game.

The Circle Season 2 – Plot

The contestants or players who are chosen moves into the same apartment building. They are cut off from the outside world and also they don’t get to meet other contestants face-to-face. Through an app, they connect between other players in the game. They can send text messages and can portray themselves in any way they choose.

Throughout the series, every player rates one another and in the end, two highest-rated players become influencers. The ones with low ratings will be at risk of being blocked by the influencers.

During the finale, the contestant rate one final time, and the one with the highest rating wins the game and US$100,000.

So the same concept will be applied in season 2 and season 3 of The Circle.

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