The Conjuring Universe: 10 Connections Between Annabelle and The Nun

The Conjuring Universe: Unlike the other movie universe being famous there The Conjuring Universe is loosely based on real-life incidents and paranormal investigations which shows several kinds of demons all of which are connected to each other. Today we are here to put some points on the connections between the Nun and Annabelle movies of the conjuring universe and hoe they are probably connected to each other:


Actual Demons In Both The Movies

In most of the conjuring universe movies, there isn’t every demon to be in real but in both of the movies The Nun and The Annabelle the demons which are The Valak and Annabelle’s spirit are mentioned to be in real


End Credit Scene of Annabelle Creation

There was a scene, at the end of the film Annabelle Creation which shows a church showing a walking nun but the image of a nun wasn’t that clear as the hallway for the church was very dark

Conjuring Universe

Role Of Sisters Charlotte

Sister Charlotte may directly have a connection with the nun as when she saw a picture of her with other nuns at Old convent, and at a very moment Valak was seen standing just behind her

Both Film’s Timeline

In the nun, it was shown that all the nuns were killed by Valak which means sister Charlotte would also be killed but she was seen in the Mullins farm after 3 years

Two demons to be there

Perhaps the sister Charlotte is been possessed by Valak, as she was never seen in the Nun movie we only get to know about her presence by the photograph. It may be that Valak just wanted to set the spirit of Annabelle free

The same Photograph Shown In The Nun Movie

The same photograph which was shown in Anabelle Creation was shown to be hanged on the wall for a few moments in the movie nun

Demonic Connection

As evil spirits are known to have evil powers may be Valak had connected with the photograph which Sister Charlotte holds and then was later connected to Anabelle

 The Locking Up Of The Doll

The paranormal expert Warren locked the doll but it may be possible that before this Valak grabbed her which would be the reason of seeing Valak again and again in the Conjuring 2 may be Valak wanted warren to come and make her way

Connection Of Sister Irene and Lorraine

The role of Lorraine Warren was portrayed by Vera Farmiga and the role of the main protagonist of the movie Sister Irene, The nun was played by Taissa Farmiga both of them were actual sisters. Maybe this was just a coincidence or maybe Sister Irene and Lorraine seems to be connected

The symbol Ouroboros

Mia in the movie Annabelle shows the symbol Ouroboros by which the Valak was shown to be linked as it was linked with snakes and the Ouroboros symbol means a snake eating its own tale. That symbol was shown in almost all films like the conjuring part 1and 2 and The Nun also.

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