The Cribs have launched a new Hotline for fans to ask them questions


The Cribs: The Wakefield trio’s new album was due to be recorded on November 13 in the spring/summer of 2019 at Foo Fighters Studio 606 after Dave Grohl donated the studio to the group.


Today (September 4), the group announced that they would answer calls from fans starting at 2 p.m. and launch The Night Network hotline at 0-204-509-1126 in London. The Cribs shared the news on Twitter and followed the news with a retro-style hotline announcement.


“Are you bored with being stuck at home all year?” Missing out on the visceral excitement that only a true crib experience can deliver? “The video begins. “Don’t despair, you can immediately call the Hotline Night Network, where the Jarman brothers are at your disposal. They will answer all your questions and needs about Wakefield Punk Rock. “

The Cribs

Tracklist for Night Network

Check the tracklist for ‘Night Network’ below:

1. ‘Goodbye’

2. ‘Running Into You.’

3. ‘Screaming In Suburbia’

4. ‘Never Thought I’d Feel Again.’

5. ‘Deep Infatuation.’

6. ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ (feat. Lee Ranaldo)

7. ‘She’s My Style.’

8. ‘Under The Bus Station Clock.’

9. ‘The Weather Speaks Your Name.’

10. ‘Siren Sing-Along’

11. ‘Earl & Duke’

12. ‘In The Neon Night.’

After announcing the album with their debut single “Running Into You” last month, The Cribs shared a message thanking fans for the support and revealing that they “are seriously questioning their future as a band.” 

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