The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki Cast As Princess Diana For Upcoming Two Seasons

The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki resembles Diana very much. Not only the two of them have blonde hair and blue eyes but also they have similar smiles. Diana was 4 foot 10. On the other hand, Elizabeth Debicki is 6 foot 3 tall. She is 29 years old Australian.


The crown series:

Last year the third season of the show ‘The Crown’ was released. The show started in the late 1940s focussed on the 1960s and 1970s in its third season. The show that followed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will focus on Princess Diana and Prince Charles in the upcoming season. The two were married in 1981.


In the upcoming season of the show ‘ The Crown’, we will see Debicki playing the role of Diana Spencer. Another key casting decision was also taken. On Thursday it was announced that Jonathan Pryce will play the role of Prince Philip which was earlier played by Tobias Menzies. These key casting decisions are taken for the last two seasons of the show’ The crown’.

These latest announcements by the show have made the fans quite excited about the upcoming season. Further, fans showed their excitement by replying to the tweet. Also, many fans praised the cast directors of the show.


Role of Elizabeth Debicki

The Crown is a famous Netflix series and has followed the royal family for many years. Elizabeth Debicki who will play the role of Princess Diana in the fifth and sixth season tweeted that it’s her honor to join the masterpiece. It’s her true privilege. Also, she said that Princess Diana’s spirit, words, and actions live in the hearts of many people.

The Tenet is the upcoming film directed by Christopher Nolan. Robert Pattinson, John David, and Elizabeth Debicki are the leading actors of the film. So are you excited to see the Tenet star playing the role of Princess Diana in the hit series ‘ The Crown’?

Musical ‘Diana’:

A musical titled Diana is on its way to be released on the streaming platform Netflix. The announcement was made on Wednesday. The Broadway opening of the musical ‘ Diana’ is expected to be in 2021. As most of you might have made out, the musical will be about The people’s princess.


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