The Crown Season 4- A brief explanation of the plot until now and the ending of the Previous Season Explained

The Crown Season 4- Elizabeth II has been ruling over her country in the most humble way ever. For a fact she is longest ruling queen in the history of the country. It’s been more than 20 months that the third season of  THE CROWN has dropped and the Netflix takes huge pride in it. The show has been a hit since its first season due to its extreme resemblance with the existing monarch family.


The show has been renewed of the fourth season and the storyline of the same is to be picked up from the season 3 of the show.


In the fourth season the Olivia is going to continue her role as the Queen and we will be witnessing the third phase of the queen’s life. Most of the actors are to reprise their roles from the third season for example Helena Carten is to reprise her role as Princess Margaret and Tobiaz as Prince Philip.

The Crown

In the third season we saw Harold Wilson is elected as the Prime Minister of the state during the year 1977. The coming season it is expected that the show will take up from queen’s life in the 80’ and 90’s era. Thatcher was the Prime Minister who served as the till the 1990’s so it is expected that we will get to see his character influencing the queens life. This was also the time of the Falkland’s war which will be portrayed professionally.

The Crown Season 3 is expected to show the romantic arrangement between Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The season will also showcase the marriage between two till the downfall of their marriage along with their separation. Two child artists in the roles of Prince William and Prince Harry are to be expectedly seen in the coming season. Prince William and Prince Harry are born in the year 1982,1984 respectively. But as of now we have not got any confirmation on the shooting schedule of the show.

A lot of foreign trips of the queen and that of the Prince Charles family are to be a part of the season .

Other than all this the divorce of Princess Margaret will also be an interesting topic which will be covered along with the scene of Michael Fagan who was an intruder who dared to step into the Majesties room while the Trooping of Colours was going on and had shot 6 blank bullets at the Queen in the year 1981.

As of now there has been no release date for the series but this is what the season 4 will contain for the audience.


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