The curse of the Oak Island Season 8: Will original characters reprise the new roles? Can we expect to see some new faces?



About the show: The Curse of the the Oak Island

The curse of the Oak Island Season  8 – ‘The curse of the oak island’ has intrigued and fascinated viewers since the beginning. It has been quite fascinating to see explorers unearth significant bits of evidence from the mysterious land. Another highlight of the show is its detailed account of the island’s secretive history and wired lore.


The seventh season of the show premiered on November 5, 2019 on History and ended on April 28, 2020. It has four more specials that aired from October 8, 2019 to October 29, 2019.

Season 8:

The History Channel has not made any official announcement about the renewal but it is almost certain that the show will be renewed as season 7 did extremely well.

The curse of the Oak Island Season 8

Season 8 is expected to follow the team as they try yet another time to bring to an end to this 225-year old mystery. The eight season of the show will probably be released sometime in 2021.

The Curse of the Oak Island season 8 cast:

Lagina Brothers- Rick and Marty lead the team of treasure hunters. Other members of the team are Dave Blankenship and Craig Tester. It is expected that except Dan others members will reprise their roles. Dan was a regular from season 1 to 6 but did not appear in the seventh season. It is also possible that he might come back for the eight and there might be few new faces added for the eight season in order to give extra push so that the more than two-century old mystery can be uncovered but there has been no official announcement about the cast.

Other professionals who occasionally appear on the show are Doug Crowell, Billy Gerhardt, Terry Matheson, Laird Niven, Gary Drayton, Steve Guptil, Paul Troutman, Peter Fornetti, Charles Barkhouse, Dan Henskee, Alex Legina and Jack Begley.


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