The Dark Picture: Little Hope- latest release date, story line, cast, plot, gameplay and everything you need to know

The Dark Picture: Little Hope, the upcoming narrative horror adventure game is coming in the time of Halloween on October 30. The game is in The Dark Pictures Anthology.


The game was originally slated to be released this summer. However, the development got stuck due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Because of the slow development, the franchise had to delay the launch of the game.


The horror game from Supermassive is the developer of Until Dawn. This will star Bandersnatch lead Will Poulter and is located in a spooky, mist-laden town. The place is filled with a dark past with occult. This consists of the trails by an old witch. That has been left terrifying creatures haunting around the town. This makes it a perfect setting for the four students and a teacher to get trapped in.

The Official Reveal Trailer of The Dark Picture: Little Hope

The game Little Hope will be created on the foundations that were laid by Man of Medan. This makes its first entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology. It is going to feature single-player and multiplayer modes. The branching stories will be based on the player’s choice and the ability to save or kill the complete cast. The new enhancements will warn the player about the coming OTEs. It will also give you free camera movements in certain areas. This will also make objects that are intractable more prominent in order to avoid frustration.

Litlle Hope is also going to release a lot of editions. This will include the Collector’s Edition: a creepy ragdoll, a large cloth map for the complete anthology, and a slick-looking steelbook.

Little Hope is a standalone story that does not require any previous knowledge of the anthology.

The Dark Picture: Little Hope is expected to be released in the coming Halloween that is 30th October. The horror narrative game will be launched for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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