The Dragon Prince Season 4 – will they finally be able to return to their dreamland? Tap to know all the latest details.

Everything you need to know about the Dragon Prince:

The Dragon Prince Season 4 – The Dragon Prince is a Netflix original series. It is a fantasy based action-drama animated series. Although most of the quality animation series of good quality are from Asia, this one is a American-Canadian show. The first season premiered on 14th September, 2018. This show received a lots of love from the audience.


Aron Ehasz and Justin Richmond are the creators of the show. It has total three parts till now. The third season released in November, 2019.


General trivia: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The dragon prince is the story of the kingdom of Xadia. It is a magic-land and draws its magic from six sources. This sources are: The sun, moon, stars, sky, earth and the ocean.

The show is about a war between kingdoms of human race and magical creatures of Xadia. Centuries ago, they lived with each other peacefully. But then humans start to use dark magic and that is when the chaos start.

The Dragon Prince Season 4
In first two season we get to see the backstory of the enmity between the magical creatures and human. Season two gives us more insight into the history.

In the third season we get to know what happened with the Dragon King, king of Xadia and the human king Harrow. In this season we get to see dragons also.

Storyline of Season Three:

In the third season we see how the heir of the kings get together to bring peace to their Kingdoms. Erzan, the heir of king Harrow rejoins his half brother Callus and a assassin Rayla so that they can return the dragon king’s son Zym back to his home, the Strom Spire.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 – This invites a battle with a human army led by Viren(advisor of king Harrow) against Xadia. Viren’s army is defeated by magical elves of Xadia. Although Viren even after being defeated by Rayla, he is brought back to life with the help of black magic.

Zym reunites with his mother. In season 4 we might expect peace between humans and the creatures of Xadia. To know if Zym returns to his successfully we will have to wait for season four. Because now Viren is brought back to life.

Updates Of The Dragon Prince Season 4:

There is no official announcement regarding the season four from the creators yet.

The show was expected to release in May 2020. But with the situation we are caught up in it won’t be possible to have it anytime soon.


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