The fitness pro Jillian Michaels revealed she recently had COVID-19

Jillian Michaels

Fitness pro-Jillian Michaels: The outbreak of coronavirus has caused came with lots of adverse effects, lockdown, bad news, and much more it doesn’t look for a specific person and didn’t spare them easily one of them is the famous American Gym Trainer, businesswoman, and TV personality Jillian Michaels who had recently talked about her view on coronavirus after being infected by it.


Jillian Michaels Revealed She Recently Had COVID-19

The 46 years old fitness freak had made some revelations on her being tested Positive for the Covid-19 disease, from several weeks before knowing about it.


How She Tested Positive For Coronavirus?

On Tuesday on the platform of her own podcast she revealed that she got infected by the virus after she made her guard down with one of her close friends who usually handles her makeup and hair, Her friend had already tested positive for Coronavirus but was unaware of this fact.
She stated that if one person who is infected with the virus doesn’t take the precautionary measure of wearing a mask and one who doesn’t have also forgets to wear a mask, then most likely there are chances of transmission of the virus and getting infected through it.
She told that she was unaware of being affected for almost past six days

Fitness pro

Is Jillian Michaels Recovered From The Virus?

Yes on a happy note, she has recovered from the deadly virus. She told me that she is fortunate to get back to a healthier state

Jillian Michaels Urges People For Not Visiting Gym

Though she recovered but also said that all the people won’t have the same thing.
She requested people to not visit the gym in this COVID phase.
She told that anyone who is afraid of Covid-19 then according to her, a public gym is most likely a place where one gets infected quickly.

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