The Good Place: Why did the show end after 4 seasons? Know more!

The Good Place seasons 4

The Good Place seasons 4: It is an American Fantasy and comedy based TV Series which was created by Michael Schur, and was aired first on September 19, on the platform of NBC , and was ended on January 30, 2020 with four seasons as well as 53 episodes.


The funny, and heartwarming storyline of the series has been fully loved and admired by the fans and which make them wonder, that why the Series had ended only with four seasons. Let’s gather the reasons for it below.


The Good Place: Why did the show end after 4 seasons?

There are several Series with good storyline which goes on for a good number of seasons, but what happened to such a great series, The Good Place, that it just wrapped up with four seasons.

The reason for this is not a specific cancellation by NBC, but it was all because of the choice of the creator for the series, Michael Schur who just wanted it to be a series with only four seasons.

On his official Twitter handle he has stated that, after the two seasons of the The Good Place, He, along with his staff had started planning the best path for the show. And with the ideas and the concepts he got for the one presenting them would be perfect for a lifespan of only four seasons.


As this great series had ended now and you have found the reason of its ending, so let’s just talk about some moments from the last season 4 of the show.

What’s The Star Cast Has To Say For The Ending Of ┬áThe Good Place?

In the trailer of the last Season, some of the star cast have shared their feelings and emotions they had with the show.

Jamil stated that he is feeling a bit furious with the ending of The Good Place, but at the same time he too respect the decision of its ending which was made by creator. He further stated that he feels that the Journey is Complete. Another actor,

Ted Danson stated that the story had some goodbye which reflects that in real they too have today goodbye to each one of them after the show’s ending, and this is kind of hitting them.

So what’s your reaction after the ending of the The Good Place, do tell us in the comments below.


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