The Grand Tour Season 4: When will it Release ? Plot, Cast and All you need to know

The Grand Tour Season 4, consisting of the trio Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May is all set to come back with its Episode 2.


What The Grand Tour is all about?

The Grand Tour is a motoring series which is written and created by the same trio Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May. The plot is based on reviewing cars, time-lapsed and racing adventures.


The show has a huge fan base among the people and is currently one of the top liked shows of Amazon.

The Grand Tour Season 4

The Grand Tour Season 4 release was already been disclosed before the end of season 3. The Season 4 has several changed formats, Unlike the other 3 seasons.

There were not any live audience studio tent, this was done for the big adventure road trip around the world.

Season 4 has started with is the first episode “The Seamen” which was shot¬†on Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia featuring the same trio.


The Grand Tour Season 4, Episode 2

The makers have given an update about the next episode of The Grand Tour Season 4 “The Madagascar Special” Is set to come later this year.

The news has been confirmed by its makers on Twitter along with the promotion of James May’s new cooking show. The show’s next episode got delayed after it’s a producer and editor Andy Wilman tested posts for Covid-19.

Will There Be The Same Cast?

As the theme of episode 2 is not fully announced by its makers But although the cast would be the same. That is the trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be there to make you contented with their all-time road trip adventures.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, The makers of the show is finding difficulties to shoot the other episodes of the show which was to be set on Russia.

Episode 2 is set to be aired at the end of the year So it won’t be a matter of doubt that the next episode would be aired in the next year.

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