The Great Gatsby First Edition: Sold for $200,000 at Cannes Dinner at amfAR

We have all heard about the book called as The Great Gatsby. It is a legendary novel by a legendary author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It seems that recently the first edition of the book was sold at the Cannes Dinner auction for a whopping $200,000. So, how did this come to happen?


Well, the entire event happened at the Cannes Dinner. This event marks the end of the Cannes film festival. It is filled with dinner where rich people sit and bidding happens after  a fashion show. This is where they bid on things such as dresses made by amazing designers such as Versace, Balenciaga and Givenchy. In the previous auction which coulnd not take place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The number were not that good and hence the pressure was felt this time to make sure that this was a successful event.


The Great Gatsby: How was that sold?

Before we move to the deal that we are talking about, let us find out about why the importance of Cannes amfAR dinner has been falling. This is because of a scandal that had allegedly taken place. The previous chairman was accused was said to have funnelled about $600,000 to one Mr. Harvey Weinstein.

The theme of the night was The Great Gatsby. Hence to keep in light with the theme Sharon Stone sought to auction off the first edition of the book. But, this was not any first edition. It was the first edition which was signed by two of the protagonists of the movie adaptation. Yes, you heard that right, it was signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford.

Not only this, it also came with some perks of itself. It featured the cufflinks that these two men had worn. Moreover, it also featured a lunch with Ms. Stone at the gala.

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