The Great Heist Season 1- Who all are cast? Do we have a trailer?



The Great Heist Season 1: Creating a hypothetical show is another thing which is not based on any event or something. But what if we get to see a show based on a real story. Yes, it increases our curiosity to know about that event more and more.


So, here we have an upcoming show on Netflix” The Great Heist season 1″. The real story of 1994. It is about to release on Netflix. To know more about The Great Heist season one stay tuned with us.

The casting of the show-

Here are all the characters which we are going to see in the upcoming show of Netflix.

Andres Parra
Christian Tappan
Marcela Benjumea
Juan Sebastian Calero
Waldo Urrego
Rodrigo Jerez
Katherine Velez
Paula Castano
Pedro Suarez
Edgar Vittorino
Ramses Ramos
Juan Pablo Barragan


The plot of the show-

This reality-based Crime Drama is a Thriller show. The story is based on a real event of 1994. True stories increase our zeal to know more about the event and how it works.

In the story, a group of thieves plans to steal a huge amount of money from a bank of Columbia named Republic. We need to see how they plan for it and what happens after this event. The complete story is full of a cliff-hanger and adventure. It might be a dramatic show but the fact is it’s is a true story of Columbia.

Release Date of The Great Heist season 1-

According to the sources, we are going to have season 1 on the 14th of August 2020. Definitely, these counting days are going to end very soon and we will get to see a real story based series. Isn’t it sounds interesting!. Definitely, that’s why we are waiting for it excitedly. The story origin is of Colombia. So the language in which it will release is Spanish

The trailer of The Great Heist season one-

An amazing trailer is waiting for you on Netflix.

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