The Great Season 2-expected release date, story line, cast, plot and everything you need to know

The Great Season 2 – The Great is an American-Australian television drama series created by Hulu. The series is satirical and fictionalized and is slightly based on The Rise of Catherine The Great, Empress of Russia. Hulu released the first season on March 15, 2020, with ten episodes.


The plot of the series revolve around Catherine, the longest-reigning female empress of Russia. It portrays Catherine in her youth and her marriage with Emperor Peter III. She is focused on the plot to kill her husband. The story is depicted in a comical drama way making it interesting for the viewers.


The Great – Season 2 Release

Earlier Hulu claimed that The Great is a limited series but later in July2020, Hulu confirmed to renew the series with a second season. Since the filming and production of the second season has not started yet, we can assume that it will release by next year i.e. 2021. Till then you can binge watch the first season and re-watch the comical scenes.

The Great Season 2

The Great Season 2 Cast

For the show full of battles and bloodshed, the main characters remain alive at the end the first season. So they are most likely to be seen in the second part as well. This includes Fanning as Catherine the Great, Nicholas Hoult as her husband – Peter III of Russia, Phoebe Fox as Marial, Sacha Dhawan as Orio, Charity Wakefield as Georgina Dymova, Gwilym Lee as Grigor Dymov, Adam Godly as a religious advisor –  Archbishop “Archie”, Belinda Bromillow as the colourful and chirpy Aunt Elizabeth, Douglas Hodge as General Velementov, Richard Pyros as Count Raskolnikov, Bayo Gbadamosi as Arkardy.

However, Catherine’s lover Leo played by Sebastian De Souza might have met his death. This is not shown onscreen but was predictable. Still, possibilities are many so we can expect either the demise of this character or some twist that will bring the character back.

The Great Season 2 Plot

In the end of season 1, we see Catherine sacrificing her lover, Leo to survive through the intentions of her husband. She sacrifices Leo for the sake of her adopted country. Then the are bond to mutual delusions – Peter’s that she will fall in love with him, hers that he will allow her to rule.

So the second part is expected to be more of a romantic comedy drama. We shall also see the love Catherine holds for her country. Till now we have only seen a sample of her exercising her powers, so the upcoming season shall throw more light on this powerful character.

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