The Green Knight: All you need to know

The Green Knight has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. But, it seems that the UK fans are going to suffer from some problems. Recently, we have written a lot about many of the productions of several shows and movies have been delayed due to the coronavirus situation.


This is especially true for the UK where it has been seen that the Delta variant has been raging. We recently saw the Health Secretary contracting the virus. The PM Boris Johnson also had go under observation because of his close contact with the person. We saw a number of Netflix series getting delayed and production being stopped due to the situation. This is because UK is currently seeing upwards of 50,000 cases per day. Now, it seems that one of the most anticipated movies is also suffering.


The Green Knight: Delayed in the UK

The distributors of the film have said that the initial release date i.e., July 30th is no longer doable in the UK. The producers have also felt that due to the rise in cases, the country might go under a lockdown. Hence, to avoid huge losses, the film will not be released on the original release date.

It should be clarified that the US fans have nothing to worry about and the film will release on July 30th in America. There is no immediate suspicion that the cinema halls will be closed but, the producers fear that it may close.

The Green Knight: David Lowery’s epic

A24 is backing this new movie. They have really made a name for themselves. This new epic will star the one and only Dev Patel. It tells the story of King Arthur’s nephew who goes on a journey to find this Green Knight.

It seems like a great spin on the Knights of the Round table.

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