The Handmaids Tale season 4, is June’s life in danger once again as she faces the consequences for her actions?

Handmaid June (played by Elisabeth Moss) was positioned with the unpredictable Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) all through season 3 of The Handmaids Tale. Creation of the Hulu series is as of now on hold, yet fans are as of now occupied with developing theories for the upcoming episodes. Despite the fact that June completed the series mortally injured, most watchers are convinced that time is running out faster for her puzzling Commander.

June’s ruthless nature was taken to its maximum capacity in those last few episodes of the show. Subsequent to securing the release of more than 50 children from Gilead’s cruel system, June suffered a conceivably deadly disagreement when she was shot by a gatekeeper in the last moments of season 3’s epic finale.

Declining to let anybody disrupt the flow of her plan, she left a path of bodies behind her. Not exclusively was she complicit in Eleanor Lawrence’s (Julie Dretzin) demise, The Handmaids Tale she additionally murdered Commander Winslow at Jezebel’s. In the dramatic scene, June stabs the commander with a pen over and over, repeatedly.


The handmaids figured out how to get away from the crime yet in the following episode, the commander’s significant other Olivia (Elizabeth Reaser) came to the Lawrence house to mourn the disappearance of her better half. This could indicate that Olivia may return in the fourth season of the show. While there is no sign yet that she knows what actually happened, if by any chance she does, it is likely that she will come back to enact a retribution.

As June will be at the center of attention after what she did to save the children, it is conceivable that more of the truth may come out.

Viewers definitely realise June is probably going to confront some punishment for her actions in The Handmaids Tale season 3 as the cast and team have hinted us little about this. In an interview, actor Elisabeth Moss told June may even be murdered for her actions. Showrunner Bruce Miller also added in an interview that she will be punished harshly. He said: “These children were kidnapped, for Gilead. So I think they respond like some other country would, yet amplified because we are living in a world, where children are rare. So are there going to be outcomes more than [June] getting shot? Yes, completely.”


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