The hollow season 3- what happened in the previous season? How will this one be different?

The Hollow Season-3

The hollow season 3- As Fans are eager to know whether the animated series will return for it’s third season?? To know everything about the series we are here for you with all latest updates!!


Netflix just premiered “The Hollow” second season and it’s coming up with it’s third season. A popular Canadian-animated series- “The Hollow” that premiered on Netflix back in 2018. It’s pack of all types of genre which includes science- fantasy- adventure-mystery.


The story mainly focuses on three teenagers-Adam, Mira and Kai. They woke up in a strange world with no recollection of who they are or how they got there. It’s a fun and crazy journey of all three. We will see them battling a range of different monsters and wacky bad guys.

What happened in the previous season? How will this one be different?

The previous season ended with an awesome race to the finish. The main heroes were in competition with Team B. However, to defeat the final boss, both teams have to forget their past bad will and work together.

The Hollow Season 3 – The final portal was sprint by both the teams at the same time. All were back home and enjoyed burgers and lemonade with their family. In the final episode, just before ending, a giant snail-like monster appears on the horizon. This season we have to see whether they are still in The Hollow game?

The Hollow Season 3

The third season will be likely different and will focus on the characters realising that ‘The Weird Guy’ lied to them. The adventure of will continue in the upcoming season. Although, the plot is most probably going to start with the same scene.

The trio will face new challenges along with facing off sinister and weird villains in third season. As they fought in first two seasons, they may have to fight with more Witches, Dragons, Minotaurs, and Situations. In order to return to the real world, it’s a task on their way provided by the Weird.

When will the third season airing?? 

As ‘The Hollow’ is all set for it’s third season. There’s no information about the release date. However, as this global pandemic paused the filming and shooting of all the shows.

It’s nothing we can expect for the production resuming. According to reports, it would drop in mid-2021 or early 2022. Fans think that a third instalment would premier soon!!

Who will be the Cast in The Hollow Season 3?? 

The cast of the previous two seasons will returning back to their roles in the upcoming season also. The main roles played by the actors are –

  • Adrian Petriw as Adam
  • Ashleigh Ball as Mira
  • Connor Parnail as Kai
  • Diana Kaarina as VanessaVanessa
  • Alex Barima as Reeve
  • Mark Hildreth as the weird

Depending on the plot, some new characters can be added in the cast later on.

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