The Hollows Season 3: Is the show getting cancelled at Netflix? Let’s Find out.

The Hollows Season 3 was canceled after two seasons immediately announced by the social media pages that it was “Game Over.”


The Hollow is a popular Canadian animated science fantasy adventure mystery series which was premiered back in 2018 on Netflix.


The show tells the story of Adam, Mira, and Kai, three adolescents waking up in a mysterious world without any memory of who they are or how they got there.

The main characters embark on a fun and wild adventure with several various monsters and wacky bad guys fighting against them.

It took then just under two years to drop on Netflix in May 2020 for the second season.

The series was not only one of Netflix’s best-animated children’s shows, but it was also one of Netflix’s most creative and original.

The plot of the show 

Season 2 ended in an epic sprint to the finish, in our heroes battling with Team B. All teams have to forget their past bad will and work together to beat the final boss.

Both teams simultaneously run through the final portal and our protagonists are back home where they enjoy some well-deserved burgers and lemonade with their mates.

However, a giant snail-like creature emerges on the horizon just before the final episode ends … they are still in the game The Hollow!

The Hollows Season 3
The Hollows Season 3

It was presumed that season three would concentrate on the characters discovering that ‘ The Strange Man ‘was lying to them about taking the game offline and going on their adventure. But unfortunately, there will not be a season three so all that is left is left for the fans to imagine.

Why the show got canceled?

We’re unlikely to ever hear an official explanation but we can make some assumptions.

Second, the difference between one and two launches of the seasons was nearly two years, for any show that is a long wait but it’s probably the show that has lost any momentum. Ultimately, however, there were possibly not enough people watching Season Two to warrant making a third season as is the case for most other Netflix shows canceled.

Many may point to a lack of publicity for season two, which is a common critique of Netflix that is also directed at smaller shows.


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