The Invisible Man 2- will invisible man see a sequel? Do we have any official updates?

The Invisible Man 2 – The Invisible Man is a science fiction horror film based on ‘The Invisible Man’ whose characters and concepts are created by H.G. Wells. Invisible Man 2 is a 2020 film directed and written by Leigh Whannell and produced by Jason Blum and Kylie du Fresne. The Invisible Man is a Blumhouse production, which turned out to be $ 125 million in films. The film was rated 91% by Rotten Tomatoes even, the views were highly positive.




Release Date: Invisible Man 2020:

The filming of the movie started back in July 2019 and ended the shooting very early by September 2019. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release of the movie delayed to the further date. If the series gets approval this year then it is most likely that the Invisible Man 2 will get out in 2021. Though, if the movie gets a bit delayed then by 2022 the movie will be definitely out.

The Invisible Man 2

Cast: The Invisible Man 2 :

All the previous characters will be returning and reprising their roles. So surely, the following characters will be seen in the upcoming movie:

Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass
Aldis Hodge as James Lanier, a San Francisco police detective, Sydney’s father, and Cecelia’s childhood friend
Storm Reid as Sydney Lanier, James’ teenage daughter
Harriet Dyer as Emily Kass, Cecelia’s sister
Michael Dorman as Tom Griffin, Adrian’s brother, and lawyer
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Adrian Griffin
Benedict Hardie as Marc
Amali Golden as Annie
Sam Smith as Detective Reckley
Nash Edgerton as a Security Guard

Plot: The Invisible Man 2:

In the 2020 edition of Invisible Man, the movie will focus on Cecilia Kass’s toxic relationship as she tries to get rid of that relation with Adrian Griffin. Apart from it, the obvious plot will continue about the madness of the invisible man. The major plot will revolve around technological advancement instead of the relationship between Adrian and Cecilia.

Invisible Man 2 will be filled with a lot of horrors and scientific scenes and obviously much more adventurous than the previous film.


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