The Kominsky Method Season 3: How did the previous season end? (ending explained)

The Kominsky Method Season 3 – When it comes to giving quality content, Netflx always tops the list. You name a genre and Netflix will have you provided with the best possible show or movie.
When we think about comedy based on existential questions there isn’t much content. But luckily we have Netflix show ‘The Kominsky Method’ come to our rescue.


A show about existential comedy with sheer subtleness is a classic piece of work. It is created by Chuck Lorre and has won two Golden Globes Awards. One was for the Best Comedy Series and the other was for Michael Douglas’ amazing acting skills as a lead. This show is also nominated for Emmys. We guess this speaks volumes about the quality of this show.


General Trivia: The Kominsky Method Season 3

The Kominsky Method is about a two elderly friends, Sandy Kominsky and Norman Newlander. The story revolves around hardships and “drama” of their lives. These two friends are also an acting teacher and an agent respectively. Michael Douglas as Sandy and Alan Arkin as Norman ace their characters. Their on-screen chemistry nails it.

The show is not only meant for the older generation but also for the youngsters because of the witty jokes on life, death and everything in between makes it effortlessly funny. The show in a very subtle way tries to bring in the debate of a generation gap and how two generations struggles to understand each other and the differences between them. Sandy’s attempts to teach his students the importance of traditional methods and his efforts to evoke wisdom amidst the millennialism is liked by audiences of all ages. The way both of them struggle with their children and the differences between them says it all about the struggles of generation gap.

The Kominsky Method Season 3

More than just being a parent-child story, the Kominsky Method is a saga of friendship between teo people and its lifelong celebration.

It may not have an extraordinary plot to offer but the way the story never fails to keep the audience engaged with whatever is going in the lives of these two friends makes it interesting to watch. This is the reason people could watch it for two seasons and still crave for more.

Season 2 explained:

Season two, like the previous one, stills continues to show us the lives of Sandy and Norman and the problems involved. But this time we see that there is a focus shift from general problems to personal problems.

Pheobe, who is Norman’s daughter, returns from rehabilitation centre and struggles to put her life in place and make some sense out of it. Meanwhile Norman also faces identity crisis which comes with an emotional outburst.

Ending explained:

The season becomes all dramatic as it moves forward to its end. Both the characters face one of the biggest problems of their lives in their old age. For Sandy it is the discovery of the fact that he has cancer and for Norman it is his grandson who suddenly returns to his life.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 :

These plot twists have a lot to offer for a new season. Chuck Lorre made it official that the shoe will be renewed for a new season which is going to be its final one also. Though we do not have any dates as of now but as soon as the shooting conditions become safe, the production work will resume


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