The Kominsky Method Season 3: Release date, Cast, Plot, and much more!

Officially Kominsky Method season 3 was announced on July 2nd, 2020. But till now no confirmed release date has been given. The first season and second season has a huge year gap. Almost 11 years. So it will be difficult saying anything about the expected date. Apart from this current situation has also delayed the shooting. The first season was released on Netflix in 2018.


Release Date

Season 3 will going to be the last season.of Kominsky method. Fans are expecting more a happy ending.The end of the series with its season 3 will be aired by the end of this year or beginning of 2021. Season 3 will make it more interesting seeing how the duo will workout together and how the series will end with a happy or sad ending.



The story revolves around two long time friends currently in their middle age. The friends were portrayed by Michael Douglas as Sandy and Alan Arkin as Norman. Sandy started an acting studio along with his daughter. Whereas Norman is a lovable but gruff character. Both of them are scared to death very much. And deals with relationship issues. Season one showed the death of Norman’s wife and how Sandy helps him to relieve his grief.

In season 2 Sandy tries to balance his work and personal life in which he repeatedly fails. His prostate cancer gets even worse with time and it also makes his relationship with Lisa quiet terrible.Norman seems to have found love once again in Madelyn. He also mends his relationship with his daughter. Season three is expected to end in a happy note fixing all the problems the two of them are going through.

Kominsky Method season 3

Cast- Kominsky Method season 3

Main lead roles:

  • Michael Douglas as sandy
  • Alan Arkin as Norman

Other cast

  • Sarah Baker as Mindy
  • Lisa Edelstein as Phoebe who is Norman’s daughter
  • Paul Reiser as Martin who is Mindy’s boyfriend
  • Nancy Travis as Lisa


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