The Kundali Bhagya actor Shraddha Arya sais she’s excited about shooting for her prime time show soon.

Shraddha Arya – At this point when the lockdown has been subsided to limitations and all of us are resuming our normal routines. The telly wood of our country has also been instructed the same. Everyone can be seen utmost excited to resume their work. Especially those who work in daily soaps, even after knowing that their work load has been doubled. Though the lockdown is uplifted there are some restriction everyone has to follow. A star among them Shraddha Arya is equally excited to resume her work. She will be presuming her prime-time TV shows shooting soon now. She said that though they have been granted the permission to shoot they yet will be shooting at home for sometime till they feel it is safe enough to shoot outdoors in their sets.


Another problem which has occurred during lockdown is the cuts in the salary of people. Most of the actors pay slips have been stroked during this time. The actor admitted that it will be difficult to manage without money but also said that she hasn’t heard anything regarding this from her producer yet.


Shraddha Arya

She also admitted that during this lockdown there have been a few times when she felt weak, alone and depressed. On that note she advised everyone to eat well and get enough sleep. She said that it is actually very important to train our minds in order to adjust to the new changes. She said that she knows the cliché sets will not remain the same, but all of us will have to keep our minds and bodies working. We need to prepare our bodies by eating the right food, exercising and taking vitamins, so we can brave the outside world.

She shot the Promotional video of her show during the lockdown 1.0 and admitted that it was actually very tough for her to shoot it in her house itself. Shraddha Arya said that she had to manage the lightnings, camera angles, makeup, shots everything by her own which actually became a quite difficult task for her .The actor who is known for her optimism,  portrayed the same by saying that difficulties were just a small part of the process and she majorly had fun making the promo. She lightheartedly said that she is looking forward to becoming a director, producer after the experience. She quoted” It feels so good and was a sense of accomplishment because it was productive and engaged my mind. Though, I have to say, it was quite draining too.”


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