The Last Kingdom Season 5- What Will Be Storyline? How did Season 2 end? What are the latest updates?

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The historical fiction – ‘The Last Kingdom’ is based on The Saxon stories series of novel by Bernard Cornwell.


Now, it’s time for something new and big! So, here are some information and some leaks you should know about The Last Kingdom Season 5!!


What Will Be Storyline of The Last Kingdom?? 

The series is taken from a novel called -‘The Saxon Stories’. It’s the story of the struggle to become a nation. In 19th century, the struggle between Saxons and Danes in England is showed. When England was a series of independent kingdoms destroy by Danes. So, to become one nation the tale roles around.

The main man of the series, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a man born a Saxon and raised a Dane. He wa so decent with his split loyalties between his oaths, cultural identities, and his quest for retribution.

When we talk about a take, What first comes out in out mind?? Revenge !!

In Northumbria, his ancestral home is occupied by his uncle . To reclaim it back and avenging the death of his adoptive father, the story runs. The story rapidly extends when adjacent Vikings versus Anglo-Saxons epic takes place. In the Kingdom of Wessex, where Alfred the Great, has dreams of expelling the northmen from all the realms of ‘England’ and creating a single nation there Uhtred finds himself.

The Last Kingdom

Uhtred is forced to choose between the two. Either kingdom of his ancestors or the people who have raised him. And throughout all this, his loyalties are constantly tested.

How did season 2 end? 

The most amazing season 2 was ended with Uhtred encounters the priest on his journey .

This has been an excellent series, adapted two books over eight episodes and the final episode was the best. It repeatedly reminds us that no kingdom is built without any sacrifice. It pitted brother against brother and friend against friend. We know no king rules without blood on his hands. The warrior, Uhtred ended the episode by achieving his destiny where he began. When Uhtred realised that he had not only one but two oaths to honour was worth all hardwork of its own.

What are the latest updates?

The creation of the show has already started back in April 2019. Consequently, if that is considered by us! Most probably this series will be scheduled to release in end of year 2020.

  1. The official release date is not announced from Netflix yet! So, don’t worry, we are here to update you all the information.

The first season of this series gets streamed in October 2015. And now all seasons are premiered on Netflix. This season was supposed to released in April 2020, but we have to wait a year more. Now, this global pandemic situation delayed all the releases of all TV shows.urther, we get The Last Kingdom season 4 released in April 2020.

From sources, it’s coming that might be ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 to be released,  around October 2021. As we know coronavirus has put up the lock on every production house. So, it’s going to be more delayed than usual. That means it’s not going to hit Netflix until 2022.


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