‘The Last Starfighter’ Sequel: What are the updates? Know more!

Some couples year ago it was announced that the screenwriter of Star Wars: Rogue one, Gary Whitta who is a forty eight year old English game designer, screenwriter and author is developing a reboot of the classic science fiction film; The last starfighter which was released in 1984. The sequel of the film is in development and people are eagerly waiting for it.


Apart from the sixty year old American film and TV actor, Lance Guest the cast also comprised of American stage and film actor and singer, Robert Preston who was seen in the role of Centauri. Dan O’Helihy played the character of Grig.


The co-writer of the original film, Jonathan Betuel very recently announced an update regarding the sequel and also explained that he and Whitta are still working on the film. The seventy one year old producer and writer also said that it took a lot of time to recapture the right of the film in order to develop its sequel, and now that the opportunity is here they will work hard on it and collaborate together to make a good script for the project.

The Last Starfighter Sequel
The Last Starfighter Sequel


The original movie which was an America soap opera film revolved around a video game expert named Alex Rogan who is played by Lance Guest and is transported to another planet as he conquers and wins over the Last starfighter video game. The character also finds that it was just a test which can help recruit a player to join the team of best starfighters to save their world from an attack.

The duration of the movie is one hour and forty eight minutes and it is totally worth watching. The movie is so cool and exciting that people have been very excited about the sequel since the announcement was made.


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