The Lincoln Lawyer series will soon be coming to Netflix from CBS

Netflix is believed to have picked up the series “The Lincoln Lawyer” after it got canceled by CBS.


The series is based on the 16th book of the eminent writer −Michael Connelly. A movie adaptation for the same was made in 2011 starring Matthew McConaughey.


What is The Lincoln Lawyer all about?

Those who have already seen the 2011 version would know; The Lincoln Lawyer centers on Mick Haller. He is a charismatic defense attorney who conducts his business in his Lincoln Continental Sedan.

The upcoming series would follow the story Mick Haller; nine years after the events of the movie.

The show was earlier developed by the A+E Studios and the CBS TV Studios.

However, in May Deadline reported that CBS has dropped the series just a month before production. It was a shocking decision considering the brains behind the project.

The producers had earlier tapped the acclaimed director− David E Kelly (Big little lies and Mr. Mercedes), Ted Humprehy, and Adam Bernstein to take over this series.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Logan Marshall-Green was to portray the titular character alongside actors Kiele Sanchez, Angus Sampson, and Jazz Raycole.

Now, since the series is reportedly picked up by Netflix, we don’t about the credited cast and crew. The streaming giant might make changes of its own.

Netflix wasn’t the only one interested.

Before Netflix reportedly stepped to revive the series, Amazon Prime Video was also interested.

In May 2020, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Michael Connelly has confirmed to the network, that Amazon Prime Video was among the productions he was talking to.

It could have given the streamer opportunity to blend The Lincoln Lawyer with another Michael’s book based series− Bosch.

However, the series would release its final season this year. And, by the time The Lincoln Lawyer would finish with production, Bosch would be taken off the air.


It must be noted that Netflix is yet to confirm that it would indeed launch The Lincoln Lawyer.


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