The Magician Season 5 Every Single Update Is Here

Season 5: The Magician is an American TV series that airs on Syfy. IT is based on the novel of the same name released in 2009 by Lev Grossman. The executive producers are Janice Williams, Michael London, Sera Gamble, and John McNamara. The first season released in 2015 which consists of 13 episodes.


Renewal Status

Season 5 of Magician was renewed in January 2019 and it released on 15th January 2020 and ended on 1st April 2020. The Series will soon release on Netflix.


Release Date

The Season 5 of MAgician has already released on Syfy in January 2020. BUt it will release on Netflix on 15th January 2021. Earlier it was going to release in December 2020 but because of some reasons that didn’t happen. Recently Netflix confirmed its release in January 2021 on the 15th specifically.

The Magician Season 5

Cast Members

  • Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn- She is a very talented magician.

  • Summer Bishil as Magor Hanson- An independent and strong woman who doesn’t think before speaking.

  • Stela Maeve as Julia Wicker- Julia is on revenge after seeking an evil god.
  • Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh- A determined leader.
  • Arjun Gupta as Willian Penny Adiyoda- A rare magician who is a traveler.
  • Rick Worthy as Dean Henry Fogg
  • Jade Taylor as Kady Orloff Diaz- She lives in her own darkness.
  • Trevor Einhorn as Josh Hoberman
  • Brittany Curran as Fen- She was raised in Fillory.

Will it release on Netflix in other regions too?

It is really disappointing seeing that sadly Season 5 Magician won’t be coming to any other regions in the future. Despite the fact that it is a Syfy series and other many Syfy series have released in many regions. This is just the one title that won’t make it to other regions. And this means if you want to watch it you have to find online streaming platforms that provide such a series for free.


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