The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Evrything you need to know

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: If you want to learn more about consciousness and death, there are chances that we can get another season of self-enlightenment show, the midnight gospel. Let’s find more about season 2 of midnight gospel.


Netflix has been experimenting with its series and genre, especially when it comes to the Anime part of Netflix. And when it comes to the Midnight Gospel is one of its kind. Midnight Gospel is such a show that is appreciated by everyone.


Midnight Gospel was premiered on 28 April 2020 on Netflix. There are eight episodes in season 1, and each episode is of 20 minutes of self-enlightenment. The Midnight Gospel is the combination of Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time-styled animation and Duncan Trussell’s podcast.

It tells a cosmic story of Clancy Gilroy. He produces his own interdimensional spacecraft and goes to the different dying planet and take interviews of people from that planet. Shows like Rick and Morty and big mouth and also the Midnight gospel tells about the reality of adulthood. Audio at the fourth front and visuals make the animated show worth watching.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Fans are waiting for another season of The Midnight gospel, and it’s a matter of time when Netflix announces another season of the show. But the fans are super excited to know more about death, substance abuse, and consciousness.

Release date of season 2 of Midnight Gospel

Right now, there is no official announcement by the creators or by Netflix for the renewal of the show. But the co-creator of the show Duncan Trussell recently said in an interview that they are optimistic for season 2 of the show and discuss the success of season 1.

To date, there are no updates related to the renewal of season 2 of the Midnight gospel. And right now the season has given the green light, but for creating the show, it will take some time.

If you haven’t seen the first season of midnight gospel and if you are an adult and you need some self-enlightenment and know more about yourself and death, you must go and show the eight amazing episodes of consciousness and also about Buddhism.


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