The New Pope Season 2- What is the plot or storyline? Can we expect to see some new faces?

The New Pope Season 2, The New Pope is a European drama television web series written by Paolo Sorrentino, Stefano Bises, and Umberto Contarello. The show is also directed and created by Paolo Sorrentino for HBO, Canal+, and Sky Atlantic. The first season was extremely successful which gives the creator confidence in making another sequel too. The New Pope was officially confirmed by the producers and studios after the success of The Young Pope.


Release Date of The New Pope Season 2


The New Pope is a continuation of The Young Pope which was released back in 2016. The new Pope was released in January 2020 in the USA however, there is no renewal confirmation regarding season two of the New Pope. Most probably, season 2 will not be going to happen as of now but if the creator comes up with new ideas and the further story then we can expect season 2. Then, the release date of The New Pope Season 2 will be somewhere in 2023.

The Cast of The New Pope Season 2

The lead character will be reprising their role if the show renews. Jude Law will come back and take up his role as Pope Pius XIII, though in The New Pope Pius was changed and John Malkovich takes up his role. Apart from him, the following characters will be reprising their roles:


Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII
John Malkovich as Pope John Paul III
Silvio Orlando as Cardinal Angelo Voiello
Cécile de France as Sofia Dubois
Javier Cámara as Cardinal Bernardo Gutiérrez
Ludivine Sagnier as Esther Aubry
Ulrich Thomsen as Doctor Helmer Lindegaard
Massimo Ghini as Cardinal Spalletta

Expected Synopsis of The New Pope Season 2

The episodes of the show are not stand-alone and the story of the same story as it was followed in The Young Pope. The new Pope is a mysterious character in the show who conceals many secrets. In the previous season, we saw Lenny Belardo becoming a saint, and many people worshipping and idolizing him.

We saw that “The church is under attack from several scandals that risk devastating the hierarchies irreversibly and from external threats striking the symbol of Christianity. As always, however, in the Vatican, nothing is what it seems.”
If the show renews then the story will be taken further, following the same plot.

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