The Orville Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And All Other Details

The Orville Season 3: The show, which is inspired by Star Trek and the Starship, USS Orville, is coming back with season 3. Orville is created by Seth Macfarlane, who is also a part of the show and announce the next season of Orville.


The show was written by Seth Macfarlane and directed by Jon Favreau. We can still see Macfarlane’s writing for the Sci-Fi comedy-drama in the upcoming season of the show.


Season 3 of The Orville will not be streaming on the fox, but it will be streaming on the Hulu. They both are under Disney so it may not change a lot but the things that matter are season 3 of the show.

In the last season of the show, so there was a spark between Capt. Ed Mercer and Cmdr. Kelly Grayson. Their relationship changed entirely as they found a new species of alien and modern civilization, and some mysteries and plots which got solved reveal the truth.

Orville Season 3 Release Date

The Orville is currently filming the shoot of the show started last year in October. Just like the previous season of the show, the season will have 11 episodes. The show initially issued in such a way that it will get aired in 2020.

There is still not confirm the date of the next season, but there are chances that the show will be aired till the end off of this year. Due to the pandemic, many shows are getting delayed, and Orville is one of them. And if it will, that would be the best news of 2020 till now.

Cast Of The Orville Season 3

There are no changes in the caste till now, and possibly the Season 1 and season 2 cast member will come back in season 3 also. List of the cast who is going to be in season 3:-

•Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer

•Adrianne Palicki as Commander •Kelly Grayson

•Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn

•Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

•Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus

•Halston Sage as Lieutenant Alara Kitan

•J. Lee as Lieutenant

•Mark Jackson as Isaac

•Jessica Szohr as Lieutenant Talla Kealy

•Anne Winters as Charly Burke

•Victor Garber as Fleet Admiral Halsey

•Larry Joe Campbell as Lieutenant Commander

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