The Oscars: According to new diversity rule only diverse films will be considered for the best picture

The Oscars

The Academy of Motion Pictures came out with compulsion in order to ensure that diverse films get a representation for The Oscars. The Oscars are an award which is given to films and movies for an exclusive storyline. There has always been a little controversy among all countries’ media about the films that are sent to Oscars.



The academy awards or the Oscars will now be held four years from now in 2024. The film would have to meet certain diversity conditions if it wants to be regarded in the best picture category.


A film would have to meet at least two out of four categories which will be as follows: on-screen; among the crew; at the studio; and in opportunities for training and advancement in other aspects of the film’s development and release. Various diversity categories will be adhered to like race, gender, sex, place of birth, disability, etc.

The Oscars are hoping that by making strict rules to include diverse films, more movies will get an opportunity to present themselves. The Academy Awards have been criticized on several occasions for being ignorant towards films that have a different background.


The president of the Academy Awards, David Rubin said that this change and the new rule are there for the long run and hopes to make a good change in the film industry. Dawn Hudson who is the CEO of the awards made the same statement. They also said that this rule may also promote the filmmakers to take a cast from diverse races and backgrounds.

diverse films
David Rubin

The rule to include diverse films in the best film category is not the only attempt made by the Oscars, they also diversified the voting system. Now there are women and people of color included in the jury who can state their views.

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