The Penthouse 2: War in life: Episode schedule and more updates


The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode is a famous South Korean television suspense and drama series. On the date 19 February 2021 Kim Soon-ok and Choi Young-hoon written this series.




The Penthouse 2:

The Penthouse season 2 opens at the 28th Cheong-a Arts Festival, as Seo-jin is about to declare the winner of the Grand Prize. The story usually revolves around The Shim Su-ryeon and Oh Yoon-hee. Shim is a classic wealthy woman with a terrible past. She is the wife of a wealthy businessman, Joo Dan-Tae.

Here is the episode schedule for the rest of the season. There are 4 episodes of the season that have been released,  and the latest episodes being released on 27 February 2021 further. The Penthouse show will have 8 episodes more. Unlike The penthouse season, 1 has its time slot that is 22:00 KST on Tuesday and Monday, the 2nd season of the Penthouse show airs at the same time, but on Friday night and Saturday night. Below there is a table of the time and date of an upcoming and released episode of this show.

Released Episodes

19 February 2021 1st Episode released.
20 February 2021 2nd Episode released.
26 February 2021 3rd Episode released.
27 February 2021 4th Episode released.

Upcoming Episodes

5 March 5th episode.
6 March 6th episode.
12 March 7th episode.
13 March 8th episode.
19 March 9th episode.
20 March 10th episode.
26 March 11th episode.
27 March 12th episode.

Here, The penthouse 2 show is also available on these streaming websites are go and watch:


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Here, K-drama as a Korean drama that is famous all over the world has The Penthouse season2 is wickedly twisty, and fun drama has lost none of its addictive power. Penthouse: War In Life is set around a luxury and expensive Penthouse Apartment with 100. If you are curious about any updates or information related to the 2nd season of the mega-hit drama. ‘Penthouse’ Season 2 is scheduled to be broadcast as a follow-up and know more updates.

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