The Rain Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix! All about the show

The Rain Season 3, Netflix’s post-apocalyptic Danish series ‘The Rain’ arrived with its third season on August 6, 2020. This series is about a deadly virus that wipes out almost every human in Scandinavia. Unfortunately, the third season is the final season of The Rain. Back in 2019, it was announced on the official Twitter account of The Rain that season-3 would be the last season.


Here’s everything about the third season of The Rain.

The Rain Season 3: Cast

Most of the regular cast members returned for the third season including Alba August and Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen in the lead roles of Simone and Rasmus, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Johannes Kuhnke, Sonny Lindberg, Lukas Løkken, Clara Rosager, Evin Ahmad, and Nathalie Madueño.

Along with the main cast coming back, there are some new faces in the last season including Rex Leonard as Daniel, Annemette Andersen as Trine, Cecilia Loffredo as Luna, and Henrik Birch as Lars.

The Rain Season 3 Ending Explained

The third season of The Rain begins with Rasmus decides to work with Sten. They plan to turn every person like Rasmus. Rasmus’s sister Simone finds out that the virus has already infected the local residents. So she reunites with Rasmus, but after listening to his plans she escapes him.

After running from that place, she finds a new group of survivors, including Daniel and his sister Luna. They find out that there is a cure for the virus in the form of a mysterious flower.

On the other hand, Rasmus is trying to make everyone like him with the virus. Instead of transforming Sten, he kills him and the first person he wants to change is Simone’s boyfriend Martin. Martin decides to reunite with Simone and bring her back to Rasmus. But this doesn’t go as planned. On their journey back to Apollon, he sacrifices himself by taking the cure to save Simone.
When Rasmus gets finds out about the death of Martin, he forms a viral Suicide Squad. Simone realizes that the only way to stop her brother is to kill him proceeding to The Rain Season 3

However, in the finale, Sarah shows up and changes Rasmus’s mind. Rasmus and Sarah sacrifices themselves. Then Simone and her group save every infected person by providing them the cure.

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