The Rookie: Season 3 Finally Happening? Tap To Know

The Rookie Season 3: It is one of the most famous American comedy-drama show aired on ABC. Is there is another season happening for the Rookie? Let’s find out


The Rookie is based on a real-life story of the oldest Rookie in LAPD. The first episode of the show got aired in October 2018, and just after that, it created a very wide fan base. Season 2 of the Rookie was air in 2019 with a more extensive fan base.


 Season 1 of the show got around 7 million views, and season 2 of the show was about 8.2 million views. Not just that, the views of the show are very high, but also so it is a very highly rated show on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story of the Rookie goes around John Nolan, who is the oldest Rookie in Los Angeles. He was doing his studies at Pennsylvania State University, but after getting to know that her girlfriend is pregnant, he drops out of college and start working 45 hours to complete his and her needs.

At the age of 45, he got divorced and started helping the police in finding the robbers and solving their problems related to crime. After that, he moves to LA and joins the police department and become the oldest Rookie in the town.

The release date for Rookie season 3

The trailer for Rookie 3 is out, but there is no official announcement made. There are chances that we can get to see Rookie 3 at the end of 2020.


Well, from the very start in the series is coming within the year season 1 in 2018 season 2019, but due to who coronavirus pandemic, there are possible chances that the series will get a release in 2021.

The cast of Rookie 3

The primary and prominent character will remain the same and will come back in Rookie season 3.

Nathan Fillion (John)

Harold Perrineau (Nick)

Richard Jones (Wade)

Melissa O’ Neil (Lucy)

Alyssa Diaz (Angela)

Titus Makin (Jackson)

Jasmine Matthews (Rachel)


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