The Rookie Season 3: Things you didn’t know about the storyline

The Rookie Season 3: The Rookie is a comedy-drama show adapted from the real story of Bill Norcross, who was the oldest rookie in LAPD and revolves around the life of the main character of the show, John Nolan. The show is directed by Alex Hawley and aired first in October 2018. The second season aired in 2019 and now they are back with another season for you to enjoy.


Right after the wrap of season 2, the audience craved for another installment of the series as they couldn’t wait to put a halt to the suspense the closure of the last episode of season 2 left them with and started speculating the release dates the drama attracted a lot of attention and praises from the people worldwide.


The Release Date of- The Rookie Season 3: 

The ABC Studios confirmed that season 3 is definitely in line but there has been no official announcement about its release date. Keeping in view the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic there’s no way the anticipated comedy-drama will pop out this year. However, as reported that the productions have commenced the work, we can expect the new season in mid or late 2021 to discuss endlessly.

The Star Cast:

Since you loved the characters in both the previous seasons, fortunately, the central characters of the drama will be returning to the screens with the same cast as before. These include Nathan Fillion (John), Harold Perrineau (Nick), Richard Jones (Wade), Melissa O’ Neil (Lucy), Alyssa Diaz (Angela), Titus Makin (Jackson) and Jasmin Mathews (Rachel).

The Plot of- The Rookie Season 3:

The last season ended leaving us all wondering with curious minds of what will happen next and what’s in rope for John since we saw the season 2 end on a cliffhanger where we saw John looking for a stash in his apartment when the police close in on him. The third season will trace the aftermath of this incident. Also, John has to face the fact that his mentor is the informant of the American mob. Lopez and Wesley will still be a delight to watch. And whether Tim and Rachel’s long-distance relationship be successful or not. There’s a lot more drama waiting for us in this edition of The Rookie series and is definitely worth the wait.

So, hold on your breaths as the Rookie Season 3 is on its ways to make you stay glued to your comfortable cosy couches and binge-watch the series.

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