The Seventh Day Ending Explained: Was Father Peter Possessed?

Explaining the endings of the show is something that we pride ourselves upon over here. The Seventh Day is another one of those movies that seems to require it. But, first, let us talk about the movie itself. The movie is by Justin P. Lange and is a popular horror film. Although the film has the exorcism idea to it but believe us, it takes a different angle when it comes to the ending of the movie.


Firstly, let us talk about what the movie is all about. We see the duo of two priests. One is a veteran and another one is an inexperienced one. The film released on 26th March, 2021 and has been brought to you by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.


The Seventh Day: The Plot

The writers have taken the approach from the past. We see an event happening in the past where two priests are performing an exorcism on a young boy. There is a young priest and an experienced one. But, the performance of exorcism does not go as planned. During the course of the process, we see the experienced Father Louis getting stabbed on the throat with a pectoral cross. Therefore, the exorcism failed and Father Peter had to burn Nicky alive.

The Seventh Day: What happens at the end?

Let us get down to the end movie. We see the archbishop giving Daniel some documents. It contains all the info about the recruitments of Father Peter. There is all the information about all the priests that the Father took under his wing since the year 1995.

These documents reveal one thing to be clear that the Father has been possessed since the year 1995. Moreover, any priests that he has taken under his wing has also been possessed since that time.

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