The Sims 4- best mods of Sims 4 to improve your gaming experience!

The Sims 4 is loved by many for a good reason. It allows the players to live out their dream lives in a dream world. The game has kept the franchise alive even after 20 years. A rumor regarding the development of a new installment has made the Sims fans even more excited.


While you are waiting for the release of The Sims 5, here are some mods that will draw your attention and will allow you to enhance your gameplay. Here are the top mods for The Sims 4 which are required for better gameplay.


The Sims 4: Here are the mods:

No Empty Venues: 

The venues are going to have more Sims in them using this mod. Therefore, your Sims can now enjoy more.

Balanced Calories: 

Using things you can help your Sim to lose weight. However, other food items might lead to gaining weight.

Banking and Bills:

Changes the way of banking and financial issues in the game.

Choose Roommates: 

Using this mod you can choose your desired roommate.

Age Up Friends:

You can age up a number of Sims at the same time.


Skills Carry Over: 

Skills such as thinking will now become Mental and will transfer to the Logic skill.

No More Stuck Sims: 

This prevents the game to get stuck on unnecessary animations due to the bugs.

SuperSpeed Mod: 

This gives a higher speed to the game.

Daily Save Mod: 

This gives you chance to undo your mistake by saving your progress every game day by making the use of seven rotating slots.

Emotional Inertia: 

This manipulates the moods of the Sims.

The Sims 4- Deadly Spellcaster: 

This mod introduces deadly spells for the Sims to learn.

ATM, Credit Cards, and Loans: 

Introduces ATMs, Credit Cards, and Loans. Now the Sims can apply for loans.

Default Easel Paintings Replace: 

You can replace the artworks with better artworks using this mod.

Fairies Mod:

Using this you can turn you Sims into fairies.  You can do magic using this.

Stoves and Cooking in Dorms: 

Stoves, grills can be placed in the university residents now.

Gender Preference Mod: 

This allows us to change the gender preference of the Sim. The players can choose from male, female, both, and more.

Murphy Bed Fixes: 

A murphy bed can be stowed during the daytime when more space is required by the Sims. But this bed can be deadly sometimes. Well, this mod makes the Murphy bed no more deadly.

Height Slider: 

You can now change the height of a Sim using this mod.

The Sims 4- Custom Food Interactions: 

You can create delicious meals such as tandoori chicken, peach pie, and apple salad.

MC Command Center: 

This is a mammoth of a mod. Highly recommended by colleagues, friends, and random Internet dweller. You can take control of pf the very finite features of the game. From life span to the frequency of the bill.

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