The Sun Does Not Move (2021) – Where to Watch It Streaming


Directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, “Sun Does Not Move” is Japanese suspense and thriller movie. The movie spins around two characters named Kazuhiko Takano and Ryoichi Taoka. They both are mechanical spies for an undercover organization named ‘AN Tsuushin.’


the- sun does not move


 “Sun Does Not Move”: Plot

As the title of the movie itself portrays, ”The Sun Does Not Move.”  So steadily, they are taking care of the assignment of solar energy development. Which clearly numerous other nations are looking forward to as well. Solar energy development is a huge bargain venture and undercover enough, the subtle elements of it might advantage any nation; thus all the other spies of diverse nations stand prepared to grab away the data for their own benefit.

Meanwhile, political issues hit the game and begin conspiracy behind the innovation. Which can eventually destroy the etiquette of the nation, Japan. And as repercussion might severely influence the economy of the nation as well. We are going to see how both the protagonists battle against spies from diverse nations and secure the data. Kazuhiko Takano will be confronting a Korean spy Kim, a suspicious and strange lady named Akayo, and a few other powerful spies from diverse organizations and nations. He battles with them all alongside Ryoichi Taoka, and the story will be seen spinning around them.

 “Sun Does Not Move”: Cast

Main — Tatsuya Fujiwara as Kazuhiko Takano, Ryoma Takeuchi as Ryoichi Taoka.

Both the lead performing artists of the movie already have a focused fan base, and not to say the nearness of Han Hyo Joo and Byun Yo Han, the South Korean audience will moreover be slanted towards the movie. Generally, the concept and group cast are all conventional enough compiling on to assist one get pulled in towards the movie.

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Supporting role —Ichihara Hayato as Yamashita Ryuji, Han Hyo Joo as Ayako, Minami Sara as Kikuchi Shiori, and Byun Han as David Kim.

Premiere Date

The movie is going to release on March 5th. And, the runtime is 110 min.

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