The Survivor: One of the best at TIFF

The Survivor

Most of the people do not know the legend of Harry Haft but it seems that The Survivor will be the best film to understand his life. This is the new movie by the Oscar winning director Barry Levinson, whose own memories of concentration camps during the World War gives him the perfect position to direct this film. So, what is the story of this film? Let us try to find out.


So, what is the story of Harry Haft and why did it spark interest in this great director? Well, Harry Haft was a boxer during World War II who boxed to stay alive during these harrowing events. Imagine mixing the elements of Raging Bull and Schindler’s List. But, this time it is a true story whose experiences of surviving the war go way beyond the timeline of the war.


The Survivor: Non-linear approach

Let us start with the approach adopted by the director. It is seen that he takes a non-linear approach to tell the story of this great character. The story is based on the book written by his son Alan Scott Haft.

The character of Haft is being played by Ben Foster. Let us also try to understand the story of how this person got into this position. The talent and aggressiveness of Haft was first identified by a person named Schneider.

There was a place called Jaworzno, where the stronger prisoners were sent for boxing matches. Over here, they got better rations and better treatment. The only thing to endure was to fight and emerge victorious in every match. Whoever Haft ends up knocking out, they end up getting executed.

The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Levinson does an excellent job in shooting back and forth and depicting the events at the camp in black and white.

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