‘The Trial Of The Chicago 7’ Released A New Trailer With A Fuller Look At The Drama

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 ‘s trailer has been released earlier by Netflix. It has definitely raised the bar high indicating that there will be lots of trademarks Aaron Sorkin dialogue. This courtroom drama has become one of the most awaited films and marks Sorkin’s second directorial after 2017’s Molly’s game.


What is The Trial Of The Chicago 7 all about?

The film will talk about the Chicago Seven, who were a group of men who had protested against the US involvement in the Vietnam War. As they were charged with inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chico, so the film will show Chicago Seven’s trial.


During the Vietnam War, it had taken a toll on America. The country was economically and emotionally disturbed, still, the US government had sent more troops. The peaceful protests outside the Democratic Convention turned into a fatal clash with police officers. This is the main theme of the film.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7

After a teaser that was released earlier by Netflix, a new trailer elaborates and describes the world created and thought by Aaron Sorkin with the utmost details. The phenomenal acting talent of the film stars involved will make this movie worth a watch. The star-studded cast includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Thomas Middleditch, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eddie Redmayne, Frank Langella, Jeremy Strong, William Hurt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Alex Sharp, and Mark Rylance.

The trailer has received rave first reactions by film critics and journalists. Many have said the film to be absolutely terrific and having the capacity to become the year’s best.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 will be first releasing in select theatres. It will run for three weeks ahead of its streaming debut in at least eight theatres. It will also be streamed simultaneously on the streaming site Netflix.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 is scheduled to release on October 16.

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