The walking dead

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptical television series. The genre of this series is horror And neo-western. serial drama and zombie apocalypse also form a major part of the genre of the series. Also, The series is based on a comic book that had the same name. Robert  KIRKMAN  is the writer of this book.


Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard assisted him in this task. On the Other hand, The series features a large ensemble cast who are deemed as the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. This is their story where they tried to stay alive under threatenin

g situations. The zombies in the Series ARE  referred to as WALKERS. The series is broadcast on AMC in the United States. Internationally, the series is broadcasted on Fox networks group.



A show Can never be doubted after it has completed more than five seasons. Welcome this show has the ability to leave everyone speechless. No one can dare to doubt its success after 9 successful seasons. The series is currently in its 10th season. The 10 seasons premiered on the 6th of October in the year 2019. It premiered on its very original channel AMC. As far as we know, the 10 seasons are going to have 22 episodes in total.

And according to its broadcasting order, the season will conclude on the 4th of April and the year 2021. Afterward, The season went in for a long break after episode 16. No doubt the credits go to the worldwide pandemic. the show finally resumed on the 28th Of February in the year 2021. This broke all the rumors about the season’s cancellation. But this very popular show has kept the audience waiting to know when the next episode releases. the 19th episode of season 10 is all set to knock on your  doors on the 14th of March in the year 2021


Season 10 faced a lot of difficulties. But no matter what the series is finally on the tune. by far the series has released 18 episodes in this season.  Why get bored till the next episode releases? we have some fun facts that the audience would love to know. The series was originally released in the year 2011. Since then the series has completed nine successful seasons. Only two add up with a running 10th season.

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The International Broadcast:

The international broadcast of this series is done in 126 countries. Also, If these facts are not enough to surprise you we have some more. The series is so successful that it is dubbed in 33 languages. The series even has a number of spin-offs. The spin-offs exist in the form of web episodes, talking dead, and films. Not only this the series has for spin-offs in the form of television series TOO. We suppose this much information would be enough to help you wait till the 14th of March. Children keep calm and wait for the 19th episode!

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